Carbon lowering

Discover our strategies for reducing carbon emissions and ensuring high-quality service.

Net Zero And Low Carbon Services


At GRM&PARTNERS, we accompany you every step of the way in your net zero journey, from the initial stages to the project’s completion. Our team of seasoned professionals becomes an extension of your team, leveraging their extensive expertise to offer effective solutions and ensure consistent outcomes.

Our proprietary methodology, the RAS Model (Retrofit Advisory Services), has been meticulously crafted by our in-house specialists. Regardless of your current position in the net zero journey, you have the flexibility to join us at any stage, benefiting from our tailored approach.

• Data analysis and budget estimation

  • We begin with an initial briefing and collection of your property data.
  • Our team conducts a comprehensive review of the data, identifying any gaps.
  • A plan is devised to fill in the missing data points.
  • For properties lacking data or in need of sampling, we conduct Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs).
  • Our experts analyze the complete dataset, providing you with a comprehensive assessment of your housing stock’s performance. Additionally, we offer high-level budget estimates for meeting your net zero targets.

• Roadmap to net zero

  • We assist you in achieving ISO14064 compliance by quantifying and reporting your greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Our team interprets the data to understand its implications for your organization.
  • Consideration is given to stock grading and sustainability modeling.
  • We propose carbon-saving measures, exploring alternative technologies and solutions.
  • A long-term zero carbon strategy is crafted based on agreed policy principles.
  • Our approach involves data-driven retrofit planning.
  • Detailed plans are created for each individual property, outlining the recommended measures and their prioritized order.
  • We offer guidance on funding applications, such as the Social Housing Decarbonisation Fund.
  • Support is provided to attain PAS2060 certification for carbon neutrality.

• Retrofit assessments and Retrofit Coordinations

  • Our team conducts comprehensive PAS 2035 whole house assessments on your properties to determine the necessary energy efficiency measures (EEMs).
  • A detailed report is generated, encompassing an overview of each property, including an energy report, condition survey, and occupancy assessment.
  • The report serves as a foundation for a Retrofit Coordinator to plan the design, installation, and timeframe for the retrofit works.

• Delivery of works

  • We offer program management services, providing advice on procurement, tender reports, and contract forms.
  • Our Project Managers ensure that projects are meticulously managed, adhering to agreed-upon time frames and budgetary constraints to ensure project success.
  • Specialized services at this stage include Principal Designer and Quantity Surveying services.

• Monitoring

  • We conduct technical monitoring after the completion of works to verify adherence to the required specifications.
  • Audits are performed to ensure that desired outcomes are being achieved and that the results align with your objectives.

Gain insights into your property portfolio and determine the costs associated with achieving your targets :

Develop a clear path to achieving net zero and reaching your targets :

Gain the essential information for informed decision-making :

Ensure effective tracking of progress towards emission targets :

Efficiently execute a program of retrofit works within budget and designated timelines :