Social Housing Decarbonisation fund

Financial support for reducing carbon emissions in social housing projects.

About Social Housing Decarbonisation fund.

The government allocated £3.9 billion for the Heat and Buildings Strategy in October 2021, with £160 million going toward the Social Housing Decarbonization Fund. Wave 2 of the plan is scheduled to begin in the upcoming fiscal year, with Wave 1 having just concluded. In order for you to be prepared for the launch in April, here is what you need to know.

Social Housing Decarbonisation fund

To improve socially rented homes’ energy efficiency, the Social Housing Decarbonization Fund was established. New heating systems, energy-efficient doors and windows, and improved insulation are just a few of the heating enhancements covered. It is imperative that social housing be addressed because it contributes 20% of UK emissions.

The program was also implemented at a time when a large number of UK citizens were at risk of becoming fuel impoverished as a result of rising energy costs. As a matter of fact, the SHDF ought to assist renters in saving about £170 annually. In addition to advancing the prime minister’s ten-point strategy for the green industrial revolution, the government expects the fund to create jobs for insulation installers, plumbers, builders, and electricians.

What are the standards for installers?

All installers are required to be TrustMark Registered or equivalent, and compliant with TrustMark requirements.

All projects must be compliant with the most up to date PAS 2035:2019 specification and guidance (PAS 2035).

Installers must have appropriate certifications for eligible measures and low carbon heating installers must be registered with Trustmark or equivalent, and be certified with relevant MCS standards.