Managing Obligations

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Managing Obligations

The Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) imposes a legal duty on the biggest energy providers to provide financing for fuel-efficient and energy-efficient upgrades, thereby assisting low-income and vulnerable households in efficiently heating their houses. Funding for heating improvements and insulation projects that strengthen the structure are two ways that assistance is given.

GRM and partners maintains enduring, reliable connections with numerous energy providers and contracts to offer ECO’s qualifying actions to fulfill their commitments. We stand apart from other businesses in this industry because to our unparalleled experience in the utilities sector and in-depth understanding of the UK Government’s carbon reduction responsibilities.

We are here to help you, whether you are an energy company trying to meet its obligations, or an installer in need for eco funding and support, a private landlord or a housing provider looking for funding support for retrofit projects.

When it comes to managing and guiding you through the complex compliance requirements of ECO funding, our highly qualified team are always available to help.

HOUSING PROVIDER : In order to create and implement energy efficiency retrofit projects and to unlock ECO funds to partially or fully finance these improvements, we work with social housing providers, private landlords, and local authorities to determine the scope of such initiatives. We have the expertise, assets, and collaborators to implement energy-saving initiatives throughout the United Kingdom, whether they are loft and cavity wall insulation projects or complex community programs.

INSTALLER : We have ongoing support from our reliable relationships with energy companies to provide us with competitive eco funding. Our assistance in handling the compliance process of compliance and establishing connections with energy companies enabling installers to obtain the funding and offer their clients the most cost-effective energy efficiency upgrades.

ENERGY COMPANIES : Our expertise into the energy efficiency market, and our trusted association with the housing providers and installers, we are able to provide bespoke carbon credits to meet their ECO targets.