Housing health and safety rating system

A system for evaluating and ensuring the health and safety standards of housing.

Housing health and safety rating system

At GRM, we utilize the HHSRS (Housing Health & Safety Rating System) to evaluate 29 potential risks, including issues like dampness, mold, excessive cold, and falls.

Our skilled environmental health practitioner conducts the HHSRS audit to the same high standard as the local council’s environmental health officer. By conducting these audits, we assist landlords in meeting the requirements of the Housing Act 2004, enabling them to identify hazards promptly and initiate necessary remedial measures in a timely manner.

Our team of experienced consultants follows a systematic approach to conducting HHSRS assessments, which includes a thorough evaluation of dampness and mould issues. Through our comprehensive health check, we assess your current practices in identifying and resolving problems related to dampness, mould, and condensation. We provide tailored recommendations to ensure the safety of your tenants in an efficient and effective manner.

During the health check, we utilize various methods to identify cases, such as proactive stock condition surveys, inspections during repairs, void periods, planned investment works, data analysis, and tenant service requests or complaints. We also use Key Lines of Enquiry (KLOEs) to delve into your strategies, policies, and procedures regarding damp and mould management, as well as roles and responsibilities, competencies, program management, root cause analysis, broader management activities, record keeping and data management, reporting, auditing, and tenant communications.