PAS 2035 Retrofit Work Ready Orders

Learn about our procedures for PAS 2035 retrofit orders and upholding quality standards.

PAS 2035 Retrofit Work Ready Orders

PAS 2035:2019 provides a comprehensive framework for implementing energy retrofit measures in existing buildings across the UK. With over 27 million domestic buildings in need of energy efficiency improvements, previous attempts were hindered by the absence of universal standards and notable failures.

To address this, the UK government commissioned the Each Home Counts (ECH) review in 2015, which recommended the establishment of a quality mark and an industry-wide Code of Practice. As a result, PAS 2035 was introduced as a specification for whole-house retrofit, considering technical aspects and occupant comfort. It encompasses the assessment, design, and monitoring of domestic retrofit projects.

At GRM, we have a comprehensive approach to generating leads and finding customers who share our goal of achieving Net Zero carbon emissions by 2050. We carefully match data to ensure that our orders go to the most suitable recipients. Our dedicated team handles all customer administration, making the process hassle-free.

Our expert retrofit assessments examine the specific details of each project, while our diligent retrofit coordinators conduct thorough due diligence. With input from our field specialists, we create detailed retrofit designs that maximize energy efficiency and align with our sustainability goals.

Once the project details are finalized, we make the signing process seamless to begin the retrofit installation. Our work-ready orders ensure a smooth transition from design to implementation, guaranteeing precise and effective retrofits.