Retrofit Coordination Services

Learn about our approach to coordinating retrofits and ensuring top service standards.

Retrofit Coordination Services

In order to meet the requirements of PAS 2035, it is necessary for a retrofit coordinator to oversee each domestic retrofit project. Their main responsibility is to supervise the assessment, monitoring, and evaluation of energy efficiency measures in residential properties, following the guidelines of PAS 2035.

Our team of retrofit coordinators will handle all aspects of retrofit projects, starting from the initial stages to the final implementation. They will collaborate with homeowners or tenants, retrofit assessors, designers, and installers to ensure the smooth and successful installation of energy efficiency measures.

Our team of Retrofit Coordinators will oversee your retrofit projects, utilizing a combination of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools for seamless business-to-business feasibility. This approach provides real-time visibility, granting you complete control over the progress.

The GRM Retrofit Coordinators will handle project sign-off and final lodgement to the TrustMark data warehouse but only with your authorization, ensuring that you retain ultimate control. Additionally, the TrustMark Retrofit Coordination lodgement fees are included in our Retrofit Coordinator service, and we will provide suitable retrofit designs for specific measures being installed, such as air source heat pumps, solar PV panels, ground source heat pumps, and more, as part of our comprehensive fee structure.